Welcome to the Janezic Realty Group’s Education Corner.  The Janezic Realty Group is led by very highly rated North Carolina Real Estate Instructor Robert Janezic.  As a former Navy Master Training Specialist (MTS), a distinction earned for being in the top of all Navy Trainers, Robert Janezic expertly delivers real estate education courses and seminars for local community colleges with exceptional pass rates.  This page is dedicated to his students who need these resources to help them pass the Pre-Licensing Class and subsequent State Licensing Exam.

Current Class Schedule
  1. CURRENT: April 17th, 2018 – June 21st, 2018, 5:30-9:30pm – South Piedmont Community College: Monroe Campus


The following personalized presentations are utilized to deliver the NC Pre-licensing course.  They are available here for ease of reference.


INTRO: Path to Home Ownership

  1. Orientation & Property Concepts
  2. Property Ownership and Interests
  3. Encumbrances
  4. Property Description
  5. Transferring Title to Real Property
  6. Land Use Controls
  7. Real Estate Brokerage and the Law of Agency
  8. Contract Law
  9. Fair Housing & Ethical Practices
  10. Agency Agreements & Practices
  11. Sales Contracts & Practices
  12. Landlord & Tenant
  13. Property Management
  14. Real Estate Financing Principles
  15. Real Estate Financing Practices
  16. Real Estate Valuation
  17. Closing
  18. Basic Residential Construction
  19. Federal Income Tax and Real Property Ownership
  20. Environmental Issues
  21. Basic Real Estate Investment


The following links are for material directly available from the North Carolina Real Estate Commissions (NCREC) website.  This is the source material.  The License Law and the NCREC Rules.

  1. Real Estate License Law and NCREC Commission Rules

MATH is an essential skill necessary to pass the final class exam.  10-20% of the exam will be focused on math.  You can find all of my math tutorial videos here on YouTube videos.